Brook trout can be found in our headwater streams flowing off of the Kittatinny Ridge. Brook trout are Pennsylvania's only native salmonid. To learn more about brook trout, click on the links below.



Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture



Further downstream, wild brown trout predominate. Both the Bushkill Creek and Martins Creek have Class A populations of wild brown trout. Class A is a Pennsylvania fish & Boat Commission classification given to our best trout streams. For brown trout the following criteria must be met:  a. Total wild brown trout biomass of at least 40 kg/ha (35.6 lbs. acre) b. Total biomass of wild brown trout less than 15 centimeters (cm) or 5.9 inches in total length of at east 0.1 kg/ha (0.089 lbs/acre). c. Wild brown trout biomass must comprise at least 75% of the total wild trout biomass  To learn more about brown trout, click on the links below.


Brown Trout in Pennsylvania


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In addition, Martins Creek is stocked with hatchery rainbow trout and the Bushkill and Little Bushkill Creeks with brook, brown and rainbow trout.


PFBC Trout Stocking Schedule


Please practice catch and release. Keep em' wet!


Catch & Release Fishing: 10 Tips for a Successful Release