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The Bushkill Creek rises at the base of the Kittatinny Ridge (locally known as "Blue Mountain") in Moore and Bushkill Townships, flowing south by southeast for about 20 miles before turning east to enter the Delaware River in downtown Easton.  The Bushkill  Creek watershed comprises about 80 square miles near the center of Northampton County. The Bushkill Creek is designated as high quality coldwater fishery (HQCWF).   The upper section flows as a freestone stream through Jacobsburg Environmental Education Center where Sobers Run enters.  The Little Bushkill enters in Stockertown.  Below Tatamy, the stream  is influenced by limestone  springs, cooling the water and providing for a class A wild brown trout fishery.  The headwaters contain a small population of brook trout worth protecting.


Upper Bushkill Creek Coldwater Conservation Plan (2007) 



Little Bushkill Creek Restoration Plan (2012)



Sobers Run Coldwater Conservation Plan (2004)



Bushkill Creek Restoration & Habitat Enhancement (2019)

2011 ARC Bushkill Creek Macro-invertebrate Study     PDF icon2011 ARC Buskill Creek Macro Study.pdf

2010 ARC Bushkill Creek Electro-fishing Survey     PDF icon2010 ARC Bushkill Creek Electro-fishing Survey.pdf


2016 Bushkill Creek Section 6 Catch-and-Release Area Update for 2016    


2016 Bushkill Creek Trout Redd Survey PDF iconBushkill Creek Trout Redd Survey-2016.pdf


2017 Bushkill Creek Trout Redd Survey 


2020 Bushkill Creek Trout Redd Survey




The Martins-Jacoby watershed , located in northeast Northampton County, is comprised of Martins Creek, its tributaries, Little Martins Creek and Waltz Creek, the Jacoby  Creek, and other tributaries to the Delaware River.  Both, Waltz Creek, which is HQCWF, and the smaller Slateford Creek, which is designated Exceptional Value (EV), could be a pleasant  surprise for fly fishermen used to tiny waterways.  Martins Creek  provides year-round fishing for wild and stocked trout with the fall  and winter seasons being outstanding.  Most of the streams are freestone  with a few such as Mud Run, the lower portion of Martins Creek and Jacoby  Creek having a limestone influence.


2008 MJWA Martins Creek Macro-invertebrate Study     PDF icon2008 Martins Creek Macro-invertebrate Study.pdf


Martins Creek Section 04, Northampton County, Wild brown trout assessment, August 2010